Free Self Hypnosis Scripts - Where to get them and how to use them effectively


The best free self hypnosis scripts are the ones that issue from your own mouth, different each and every time you deliver them, but until that time when you have developed your own skills, studying and using other people scripts can be a good way to start your hypnosis learnings.

Where to get Free Self Hypnosis Scripts

There are many free hypnosis resources online that provide free self hypnosis scripts (such as this one). Unfortunately I have yet to find any free sites that have scripts of a high enough quality to actually recommend. Hopefully I shall be adding more scripts to PlanetNLP soon, in the meantime there are two sites that provide good value (though unfortunately not quite free) scripts that I can recommend. These are:

How do I use Self Hypnosis Scripts effectively?

The big issue with recording scripts yourself is that a large part of the effectiveness of a script is down to the hypnotists use of tonality. It is important, that before recording any of these scripts, you learn about embedded commands so you can record them to to be as effective as possible. In fact, once you've printed a script out it's a good idea to go through the text and mark out any embedded commands before the recording.

Also you should practice changing the rate at which you speak during the reading so that as you can vary your tempo according to how relaxed you wish the client to be at each point in the script. Obviously the hypnotist should slow their pace during the induction and then lift the pace during the wake up section.

In a hypnosis session, a good hypnotist should be in a good trance themselves to help pull the client down into a relaxed state. Recording hypnosis sessions having just listened to an induction yourself is a good way to help get yourself into the right state to deliver a good recording.

Another way to improve the success of your recordings is to record the session while delivering the instructions to an actually person, otherwise there is the tendency to just go through the motions and get through the script as quickly as possible.

As you practice with free self hypnosis scripts you will become more able to work without a written script. This will also improve your recordings as adlib hypnosis recordings are always better than recordings based on read scripts.

The following sections list the scripts currently available on PlanetNLP:

Free Self Hypnosis Inductions

The purpose of the hypnotic induction is to put yourself into a good solid trance state. It is important to take your time with the induction and ensure that you use a relaxing tone of voice.:

Free Self Hypnosis process sections

This is where the work is done. In the next few weeks I will be adding more sessions. These sections provides the purpose of the hypnosis session:

Free Wake Up! sections

This is where you come back out of your trance - and come back feeling better than you did before you started!