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The following articles were written over several years, mostly during my NLP education from beginner to NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer.

These NLP articles cover many NLP issues in areas such as business and education, and miscellaneous pieces that were written in response to forum questions about NLP. I have also written extensively about choosing an NLP Practitioner which can be a difficult decision for someone who knows little about the subject of NLP and has little idea of how to judge whether a practitioner is right for them.

General NLP Articles

These general NLP articles were written in response to questions from clients and from people posting questions in various online forums. If you are new to NLP, then this is a good place to start your education:

Does NLP work? Science vs NLP

Ok, now before I get all ranted up it's probably clear that my answer is going to be yes, NLP does work otherwise why have I wasted my time writing on PlanetNLP? But let's start by taking a step back because it's really a somewhat stupid question.

Is NLP Hypnosis?

I have met NLP practitioners who are scared of hypnosis and give it a very wide birth, even though both of NLP's founders use hypnosis constantly. I have also met NLP practitioners who do not believe they use hypnosis, but if I watch them for five minutes, it becomes clear that they obviously use NLP and Hypnosis together

NLP for Motivation?

NLP is well known for dealing with issues such as phobias and compulsions, but it also provides many techniques that are useful for generative changes such as confidence building, or motivation.

Hypnosis, NLP, and EFT - a Comparison

Depending upon the issue you are trying to resolve its fairly common to come up with the three options of Hypnosis, NLP, and EFT, and unless you have experience of any of them, then it's difficult to know which direction to head in.

NLP Practitioner FAQ

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If you're looking for an NLP Practitioner to deal with a particular issue then I'm sure you have plenty of Questions. Unfortunately most potential clients do not feel comfortable asking them. Maybe because they don't want to look stupid, or risk offending the Practitioner.

In my conversations with potential clients, these same questions come up time after time, so here are my responses to these questions. If you have any other questions not covered here, then please feel free to contact PlanetNLP and I will add them to the list.

The Business of NLP

In many peoples eyes, NLP started life as a form of therapy, more recently becoming a tool for business leaders and educators. Within this context, does NLP work? Does it have any business benefits? Are practitioners well trained? Is NLP useful for education? These are the kind of questions that I am attempting to answer in the following articles:

NLP in Education - why is there so little?

During my Practitioner course, a show of hands survey was performed to gauge the background of the course members. Within the entire room, there was not one person from the teaching profession - not one person who was planning to use NLP in education.

NLP Techniques

The following NLP articles are all related to specific NLP techniques and provide the background information related to many of the exercises and techniques explained elsewhere on PlanetNLP:

The Ethics of NLP

Since the beginning, NLP has had its share of controversy. In these NLP articles I will be attempting to answer questions concerning the ethical issues for practitioners and for NLP in general such as whether NLP is manipulative and whether NLP's use is ethical for particular applications:

Is NLP manipulative?

Hell, Yes. And why not? But seriously, can people really be manipulated against their will using NLP Techniques? Is NLP Manipulative? ...

NLP Masters - Top NLP Trainers

The following articles relate to specific NLP Trainers who could be considered to be NLP Masters:


After sex, humor is probably the most enjoyable human activity - during sex, humor is usually frowned upon. Hopefully I will find my muse soon and write more:

NLP Bores

I used to think it was only me. Was I really the only person who was uncomfortable around a certain segment of the NLP 'community'?