Hypnosis Script for Weight Loss


The following hypnosis script for weight loss gives an example of the kind of process I would use during a hypnosis session for weight loss. This script uses elements of NLP and is based heavily on milton model patterns, rather than the old-style suggestion based scripts that still seem very prevalent online. By suggestion based scripts I mean scripts that consist almost solely of statements such as:

You will feel very pleased with yourself and you will be proud that you have become a more positive person

These kinds of statements may work well with people that are very suggestible, but using the milton model is much more elegant, flexible and subtle. Also from a hypnotists point of view, it is much more interesting.

The induction and wake up sections are missing, as they are covered elsewhere on the site. The following sections can be used individually, but it is important to perform the ecology section at the end. With weight loss it is important that dieting and exercise are balanced and not done to the extreme. We do not want to risk leaving people with food issues, or exercise compulsions.

When planning to start dieting or start a new exercise plan it is important to consult with your doctor. The following script is to help you achieve your goals safely and in good health, but cannot replace the advice of a health professional.

Section Description Spoken Words
Visualize your future/Goal Planning to direct yourself to your result I want your unconscious now to decide on the timescale for your weight loss and to create an image in your mind of your future self at your ideal weight on that date.
I want you to see exactly how you will look, to see that new healthy you.
See how happy you will be.
And imagine how happy you will feel.
Make that image big and bright.
Can you feel that smile growing as you imagine easily and effortlessly reaching your goal and notice how compelling that image is for you.
Now create a new image in your mind half way to your goal. Imagine how happy you will feel knowing that you are half way to your goal. See how good you will look. See how much you have improved from today.
And I want you to imagine waking up tomorrow morning, full of energy, knowing that you are on the path to reaching your goal, knowing that the more you visualize your final goal the easier it will be for you to move forward effortlessly and achieve exactly what you wish.
Now I want your unconscious to make a change, to ensure that whenever you have a free moment you can imagine your goal and become even more motivated as you realize what that means to you now.
Learn to enjoy exercise. Get the urge to move every day! Now I know that you may have had doubts in the past about exercising. Maybe you thought that it was hard work or that you have felt self-conscious at the gym in the past, but I want you to realize that the more you exercise, the more those endorphins will flow and the easier your exercise will become, to the point where you start to look for opportunities to burn a few extra calories each and every day. In fact, from this day onwards you may discover that rather than use the lift, you instinctively choose to use the stairs. Because even on the days you don't exercise you can still find ways to get the internal fires to burn a little brighter and over the weeks the changes will add up to measurable and long term weight loss.
Now I don't know whether you have decided what exercise you want to partake in, whether you are planning to concentrate on a single activity, or whether you plan to mix different activities such as playing badminton once a week along with riding an exercise bike or walking regularly, but I want you now to decide on your exercises and decide on an exercise schedule you can keep to, and when you have decided I want your unconscious mind now to make any changes required to allow you to keep to your exercise schedule ensuring that you take into account the affect your plans will have on the important people in your life and your other commitments.
Remove your food compulsions/eat more healthily The other important element of weight loss is diet, and whenever you get the sudden urge to eat, I want you to realize how happy you will feel when you reach your weight-loss goal.
And whenever you feel the urge to eat something unhealthy I want you to imagine how much better you will feel if you eat something more healthy. And I want your unconscious to make any changes required to make this happen now in such a way that the more you run through this process, the easier it will be for you to eat healthier in the future, because you know which foods you should avoid and which foods you should choose to eat now and in the future.
Change your daily eating habits I want your unconscious to make a change now, so that at every meal you relax and slow down to enable you to chew every mouthful completely and eat at a slower pace to ensure that there is time for your digestive system to keep up, because your digestive system is clever enough to tell you when you've eaten enough, it's just that like many people you have eaten too quickly so that by the time the message gets through you had already eaten more than you needed. And as you begin to eat slower you will be able to work out in your mind what portion size is the most appropriate for you now as you continue to lose weight and you will automatically adjust your cooking and serving to that amount.
Ecology section Now as you continue on your journey to reach your weight and health goals, it is important to ensure that your health is your priority. I want your unconscious mind to setup a process so that each and every day you review your progress and if any of the suggestions from this session, or any changes to your exercise schedule or diet that you have made are causing any problems with your health, work life, or relationships with others you can unconsciously run other this issue and make changes until you find a way to achieve your goal in a way that is safe, healthy, and positive for yourself and those around you.

Disclaimer: The scripts on this website are not intended as a substitute for proper medical care. They are not intended for use as medical therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. They are tools for personal growth and as such are not intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition. If you are suffering from a medical or psychological condition of any kind seek out the advice of a qualified licensed medical/psychological professional.


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