Hypnosis Script to Stop Smoking


The following hypnosis script to stop smoking gives an example of the kind of process I would use during a hypnosis session for smoking cessation. This script uses elements of NLP and is based heavily on milton model patterns, rather than the old-style suggestion based scripts that still seem very prevalent online. By suggestion based scripts I mean scripts that consist almost solely of statements such as:

You will feel very pleased with yourself and you will be proud that you have become a more positive person

These kinds of statements may work well with people that are very suggestible, but using the milton model is much more elegant, flexible and subtle. Also from a hypnotists point of view, it is much more interesting.

The induction and wake up sections are missing, as they are covered elsewhere on the site. The following sections can be used individually, but it is important to perform the ecology section at the end.

When planning to stop smoking it is important to consult with your doctor. The following script is to help you achieve your goals safely and in good health, but cannot replace the advice of a health professional.

Section Description Spoken Words
Intro/Reframe - The reframe is an NLP technique to identify any positive intentions of a behavior and find a preferable behavior to provide the same outcome. For instance, smoking to relax could be replaced with exercising to relax. How you've come to me today because you want to stop smoking. But if it had been that easy for you then you would have simply stopped. I want you to think for a moment and search out the part of you that doesn't want to stop smoking. Do you have a part like that? And I want you to do a deal with that part of you. I want you to ask them “What is the positive aspect of smoking that you wish to keep?” Do you have an answer? And I want you to ask that part of your unconscious now, to search your mind for another way to achieve that aspect of your life that is important. For instance, if you smoke because it relaxes you, then I want you to think of three new ways to relax. And when you have finished, when you have found those three ways, I want your unconscious to arrange to use those new behaviors in the future to enable you to begin to create change in your life. Can you do that now?
Revulsion - Now this section is a bit mean. But then smoking is a very destructive habit. If you know how to use anchoring, then here is a good opportunity to use it. If not then learn about anchoring on PlanetNLP Now I want you in your mind to imagine the worst taste you can. Is there something you have tasted that is so horrible it almost made you sick? Or perhaps you once ate something and didn't know it was off. Or perhaps there is something that just the thought of placing in your mouth makes you feel ill. And I want you now to remember or imagine that revolting taste as vividly as possible and remember now that would make you feel if you ate it right now. Notice how your body reacts to the revolting taste and texture. Notice how your body wants to convulse to eject the revolting material.
 And now I want you to imagine lighting a cigarette as you did the last time you wanted one, and raising it to your lips, only instead of the usual taste when you put it to your mouth, the revolting taste seeps out of the cigarette into your mouth. In fact, maybe now you can imagine a liquid form of the horrible food with that revolting taste squirting from the end of the cigarette into the back of your mouth.  That’s right. Notice that as you squeeze the cigarette between your fingers the flavor just oozes out of it and drips to the back of your throat.
Propulsion - The aim of these two sections is to provide a push-pull effect. Push the client using the negative aspects of their habit and pull them using the positive aspects of changing their habit. The two aspects work together to create a propulsion system. Before this session the hypnotist should find out a little about the clients family so relevant individuals can be named to personalize and improve the effectiveness of this section.  
Propulsion - Part 1 - Repulsion Now I want you to think for a moment of all the people who care for you. And I want you to imagine how they will feel if they lose you.  See them standing at your graveside. See the tears in your daughter’s eyes. Feel how sad she will be knowing that you didn't stop smoking. Now imagine in your mind all the people, one by one, who will be affected if you don’t stop smoking. Your daughter, your wife …. Imagine them speaking to you, pleading with you to stop smoking now.
How does that feel? Imagine feeling that every time you go to put a cigarette to your lips. Would that be a change you can make now that will stop you from smoking?
Propulsion - Part 2 - Attraction Now I want you in your mind to imagine a time in the near future. A time after you have had your final cigarette. How far ahead in the future is that? Is it near enough? Is it a comfortable distance ahead. Does it feel achievable now? See how you will look? Do you appear healthier. Imagine people responding to you now that you are free from the smell of cigarettes. Notice how you can breathe easily and how your voice is clear and commands attention. Notice you family and how they look at you with a renewed respect and affection.  
Imagine yourself standing directly in front of you now. Notice how different you appear. Notice your new found confidence and health. Now walk around in your mind and stand behind the new you. Then when you are ready step forward into the new you. Notice how different it feels. Notice how wonderful it feels. Now look out through your eyes and see your family smiling at you. See them rush over to you. Imagine hugging them and feeling their warmth.

Disclaimer: The scripts on this website are not intended as a substitute for proper medical care. They are not intended for use as medical therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. They are tools for personal growth and as such are not intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition. If you are suffering from a medical or psychological condition of any kind seek out the advice of a qualified licensed medical/psychological professional.


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