Applied NLP - Solve specific issues with NLP


There are many NLP techniques, many of which have lots of different applications. In the following articles, I have collected the NLP techniques and NLP exercises together to solve particular issues.

I have also written a number of resources related to Phobias and Social Phobia. These are collected in my Phobia Information section.

For information on using Hypnosis for specific issues check the applied hypnosis section on my Hypnosis page.

These articles are designed so that you can work through various NLP techniques in a structured way to solve your specific issue. It is important to read the NLP Submodalities and NLP Memory Manipulation lessons before attempting to work through any of these articles. If you have any specific questions about any of the subjects or exercises, then please contact planetNLP.

Social Phobia

The following articles are related to Social Phobia and Social Anxiety - an area that I specialise in resolving. If you require help with this issue them please checkout my NLP consultations page.