NLP Links


There are many NLP Resources on the web. Below I have collected all the NLP Links referenced on this site, along with some that may contain information on NLP that may be of interest:

Recommended NLP Training Organizations

In the same way that I will only recommend books that I feel are worth reading, I only recommend organizations and trainers who I have trained with, and believe provide value and worthwhile trainings.The organizations in the following NLP links are all highly recommended.

NLPLifeTraining - Provide NLP trainings in the UK with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna.

Paul McKenna - I have taken many trainings with Paul's previous training organization (MckennaBreen), so am pleased to recommend Paul's trainings and products. His books, though they often don't provide a very deep level of information on NLP, are a fun and worthwhile read too. - Find out about Richard Bandler's Seminars in the US. - MetaNLP run workshops in Edinburgh with Richard Bandler - thoroughly recommend!

Hypnosis CDs and MPEGs

There are many Hypnosis recordings available online. HypnosisDownloads is the only one that I recommend and should provide everything you could possibly need:

Hypnosis Downloads

NLP and Hypnosis E-Products

There are many NLP and Hypnosis e-products available online, from the useful to the blatant rip-offs. I am currently working on reviewing as many of these NLP resources as possible to provide an independent view of how relevant and useful the information on NLP they include is for people new to NLP. Currently the following are the only ones I am able to recommend:

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis - Currently my review is available. This huge set of cds provides exercises and a thorough explanation of using Hypnosis conversationally, and is recommended. One of the better recorded NLP resources available.

The NLP Toolbox - Colin G Smith's collection of NLP Tools.

NLP Language Patterns for Sales - Learn NLP language patterns for Sales and Advertising.

Products for dealing with Phobias

There are a few specific products that I recommend for curing phobias. For a general phobia cure you can checkout Richard Bandler's Banishing Phobias CD or for cures for specific phobias checkout Paul McKenna's Overcome your Phobia recordings.

NLP Applications

NLP Confidence Builder - If you're interested in using NLP to help with your confidence, Christoph Schertler's system may be of interest.

Master Your Mind - design Your Destiny - 'Master your Mind, Design your Destiny' - adam Khoo's system for using NLP to master you mind and achieve success.