Relaxation Hypnosis Script


The text below is an example of a relaxation hypnosis induction:

Spoken Words Description
Now I want you to close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, noticing how with each breath you can relax more. Start with a suggestion (close eyes) that the client will simply obey.
Move the clients attention internally, and link the breathing to relaxing.
And as you continue to listen to the sound of my voice as you relax, I want you to move your attention to your toes and notice any tension and just let it go. Aware that with each and every breath you can relax deeper. Now link the sound of my voice to relaxing and provide a suggestion to relax.
This also links the clients breathing to relaxing more deeply (as if that really makes any sense).
Notice that the first sentence isn't really grammatically correct. This doesn't matter, the idea is to keep the client focusing on what you are saying and to link the suggestions together.
Now I want you to move your attention to your feet and just let the tension go. Another command that the client will obey, followed by a presupposition that they can let the tension go, and they should.
Now, as you move up to your calves I want you to continue to relax as we move up to your thighs, continuing to breath deeply Keep the process going, and continue to shift the attention between the breathing and the muscle relaxation.
In real life, you would keep this process going very slowly until you are sure the person is relaxing as much as you require.
Now I want you to concentrate on the base of your spine and feel a warm tingle of relaxing energy there. Here we are continuing the process, but the client is now having to imagine the feeling and our requests are becoming more complex.
Now with each breath I want you to move that energy up your spine, one vertebra at a time with each breath, relaxing each joint as you go.

Again this makes no real sense, but the client will comply as best they can.

Now I want you to bring that relaxing, warm feeling into your shoulders and let it spread down your arms ....  

The process for relaxation hypnosis should then move on to the shoulders arms, shoulders, neck and finally head and face. It is important to spend quite a lot of time on relaxing the face muscles and especially the jaw which is often the key to getting someone to relax completely.

By the time the whole process is finished, the client will have had to listen to a lot of instructions, and with their eyes closed listening to your relaxing voice (it had better be!) they are bound to be somewhat relaxed.

It is important to use as many descriptive sensory words as possible in a relaxation hypnosis induction to ensure that the client's experience is as rich as possible, and to keep the words flowing as much as possible. For example, words such as warm and tingling.

Like many induction techniques, in the relaxation hypnosis induction your goal is not to make sense, but to relax the client. You may find that your hypnosis inductions are quite repetitive to begin with, especially your relaxation hypnosis inductions, as there are only so many things you can think to mention, but this doesn't matter, just keep the words flowing and the client will follow.

For many people a good relaxation hypnosis induction is all you need.