Self Hypnosis Techniques


On HypnoticPlanet, I want to provide you with all the free online self hypnosis resources you need to learn self hypnosis and develop your own hypnotic recordings.

The best way of learning self hypnosis techniques is to learn a simple and effective self hypnosis method such as Betty Erickson's, and practice regularly until you feel that you can easily get into a good relaxed state, then add programming to your sessions. Once you have got the hang of entering trance states easily then you may want to record your own sessions, experiment with instant hypnosis, or use self hypnosis for a particular purpose such as stopping smoking or losing weight. There are also several self hypnosis scripts you can use to get yourself going.

The following articles cover these areas:

Self Hypnosis Articles

The following self hypnosis articles deal with self hypnosis in general:

Self Hypnosis Programs

There are many self hypnosis programs available online for all manner of issues. From common problems such as smoking cessation or weight loss to more obscure issues such as adrenaline addiction or tanorexia So how do you choose a self hypnosis program?

How to do Self Hypnosis

Is that title grammatically correct? I'm not sure, but it certainly doesn't sound quite right. Not that it matters. It’s the way it's often asked so where better to start?

Self Hypnosis Techniques

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The following articles deal with developing your skill and application of self hypnosis techniques and methods:

Self Hypnosis Applications

The following articles deal with using Self Hypnosis for specific issues:

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Self Hypnosis can be a very useful way to improve your results with weight loss, but it is important to remember that you still need to work on the key elements of weight loss - controlling your diet, and exercise.

Self Hypnosis for Sleep

One thing that many people who cannot sleep have in common is that they have a lot of internal dialogue. It's often very loud, very fast, and just goes on and on and on. No wonder they can't sleep.