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The following NLP lessons are designed to give you a good understanding of the basic elements of NLP required to use NLP to change yourself. Once you have developed the skill to change your own thought processes then you will find it much easier to make changes in other people.

Together, with the NLP Exercises, and NLP Techniques on this site, these will build into a complete free NLP course that you can work through to provide you with a complete online NLP program.

Before working with any of the NLP Exercises on this site, it's important that you learn how to change the way you feel about your memories with the NLP Memory Manipulation - Change the Content of your Memories Lesson, and once you have a good grasp of content changes, move on to the NLP Submodalities - Change your Reality NLP Lesson. If you move straight on the the NLP exercises you may find that you struggle - the two mentioned lessons build a good foundation and knowledge base to work from. If you specifically wish to work with other people, then you need to develop skills such as eye-accesing and rapport. These skills are listed under NLP Techniques, but do make sure you develop the skills to change your own mind first as they will give you a good understanding of what goes on in a persons mind when you run through any of the NLP techniques or exercises with them. Without this understanding its a little like trying to ride a bicycle in the dark if you've never seen a bicycle.

Aside from these lessons the article Free NLP Course - Learn NLP free online gives another approach, and more detail on learning the NLP skills in a good order.

NLP is a complex subject, not because the skills are particularly hard to develop or use, but because, to a beginner, the subject seems to contain a wide variety of unrelated techniques and processes to learn. Once you become adept with a number of the more important skills you will begin to see how the whole toolbox can be used together and NLP will begin to seem more like an art form. Good luck with the following lessons and if you have any questions then please post a comment below and I will answer as soon as I can.

NLP Lessons

So here are some NLP Lessons to get you started:

Free NLP Course

My Free NLP course provides another approach to learning NLP: