About PlanetNLP

PlanetNLP is a web site dedicated to providing free NLP information specifically for people new to the subject who are looking to take an NLP training, find an NLP practitioner, learn about NLP, or solve a specific issue. Currently all the content is written by Chris Harrison.

My Ethos – the ‘why’ of PlanetNLP

I have been a member of the NLP community for a number of years, attending many NLP groups and NLP trainings. During this time several things have bothered me:

  • To an outsider many NLP groups seem weird. It is easy for someone coming across NLP for the first time to see it as some kind of cult or 'secret handshake' society that will only share its secrets in return for your hard earned cash.
  • The top trainers create NLP trainers and practitioners, many of whom simply go on to churn out more practitioners - generally watered down versions of themselves - with exactly the same skillset and subset of NLP knowledge, along with the trainers own limitations and prejudices.
  • Many people take an NLP practitioner course to deal with their own issues, but come away with a certificate and the balls to take on their own clients, creating a culture where the one eyed man leads the blind. The quality of practitioners is mixed to say the least. It seems that NLP has been turned into a pyramid scheme.
  • There are far too many NLP Trainers as well as NLP books and ebooks, each promising the earth. It;s almost impossible to know where to start or who to trust. I am hoping to help you cut through the noise and get the best bang for your buck whether you're looking for an NLP training or simply the best book to start with.

What I feel is missing is the free NLP information for people who are skeptical about NLP or on a limited budget and want to try things out for themselves before parting with their money and then, when they are keen to move on, the information to help them make an informed decision as to what to do next.

For those looking for specific help I also provide NLP Consultations over skype.

I hope you find this site useful. Please feel free to get in touch.

Chris Harrison - 6th March 2013