Hypnosis Script to Wake Up!


This hypnosis script is designed to be used at the end of a session to complete the work done and wake the client up feeling energized and raring to go!

If you record this induction, make sure that your voice matches the energy in the words.

Spoken Words Description
Now in a minute I'm going to ask you to wake up, but before I do I want your unconscious mind to make any changes required to complete the work you have done during this session, knowing that from this day forward you will have access to all the resources and feelings that you accessed during this session whenever you feel that they are appropriate. Tidy up and complete any outstanding issues.
And wow I want you to go back into your past and find a time when you had a really good energetic euthoric feeling. Have you found one?
Now, see what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel that feeling grow stronger and stronger.
That's right.
Just keep that feeling spinning around deep inside, building stronger and stronger, to the point where you don't think its going to become any stronger.
Then boom!
That feeling continues to build as you continue to breath deeply and start slowly to wake up.
And as you continue to move gently towards full consciousness you can bring that feeling with you.
And when you are ready you can begin to feel your eyelids flutter as the feeling continues to build and you begin to feel that you want to open your eyes and return to full waking consciousness NOW.
Find a powerful feeling and bring it back.

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