Dog Phobia (Cynophobia) - Cure your Fear of Dogs


Where do Dog Phobias come from?

When I was a small child, around about the age of four or five, my best friend's family dog bit me.

My friend and I were playing catch with one of the dog's toys and the dog was between us running back and forth trying to get the toy before we threw it over her head - a fun game for all three of us. Unfortunately I held on to the toy for too long and the dog sensing it's chance grabbed my forearm in it's mouth. I screamed, but she held on tight while I tried to shake myself free. Eventually my friends mother ran out from the kitchen, took control of the situation and separated us.

I was left somewhat shaken with broken skin, a small amount of bleeding, a few nice teeth marks, and a memory that has lasted to this day nearly four decades later. I don't doubt that I will remember the event as long as I live.

Phobias are usually imprinted during a single high anxiety situation where the mental crisis peaked very quickly. Invariably they involve fast movements or loud noises. For instance a dog snapping, running towards you, or barking unexpectedly could easily generate a phobia.

Today I don't have a phobia of dogs, even though I still remember my 'attack' forty years later. But I have never really trusted dogs, even small ones, especially if they get close to my face.

So to this day I have a mild fear of dogs, and before you try to fix your issue with dogs, it's important to know whether it's a phobia or a fear. Read the article NLP Phobia Cure - how do I use NLP to cure a Phobia? for how to tell the difference.

Of all the phobias people have, a phobia of dogs is actually one of the more rational. In the western world, unlike snakes and spiders, dogs are everywhere, and they do sometimes bite; but that doesn't mean you have to be afraid of every dog you meet.

What's the easiest way to cure a Dog Phobia?

Dog phobias are straightforward phobias to cure.

The easiest and quickest way to remove a dog phobia is the NLP fast phobia cure which you can either use yourself or get someone to talk you through. You can also walk another person through it should you be hoping to help someone else with their dog phobia.

As with many phobias, the hard part of the phobia cure process is recognizing the internal 'movie' that you run mentally that gets you into the phobic state. With a phobia of dogs this is often a movie of the dog snapping or barking. It's important to spend time working out exactly what the process is, rather than just guessing and attempting to fix the wrong phobia.

Are there any products you can buy for curing a Dog Phobia?

The phobia of dogs is a very common phobia and usually fairly straightforward to fix. For a general phobia cure you can use Richard Bandler's Banishing Phobias CD or checkout Paul McKenna's Overcome your Phobia recordings. also provide the hypnotic recording Fear of Dogs.

Good Luck!


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