NLP for Phobias - Can you cure a phobia with NLP?


When it comes to phobias, NLP is probably unbeatable, though some people who practice EFT may disagree.

I can't believe how often I turn on my TV to see a program about phobias where some top therapist uses aversion therapy to turn a quivering wreak into not such a quivering wreak over a series of weeks or months!

The main difference between this kind of therapy and NLP is that when using NLP for phobias the client ends up with a completely neutral or somewhat curious reaction to the stimulus rather than a level of fear that allows them to act reasonably but still in fear or discomfort and just about make it through their day.

With NLP, you can run through the fast phobia cure yourself, though it is easier if you can get someone to run through it for you. Unlike any other form of therapy, with NLP Phobias can be cured in minutes.

In fact, Phobias are one of NLP's major successes. It's so easy to spot when someone have been cured, that phobias ought to be the easiest way to test or 'prove' NLP, though no one ever seems to want to do this. Maybe there is more money and prestige in fixing peoples problems slowly. The biggest criticism of using NLP for Phobias may be that it just too cost effective!

Interestingly, I recently found a link to my copy of the fast phobia cure on James Randi's Skeptics site, where his fans (or as some might say - modern day flat earthers) discuss the fact that NLP is rubbish. Strangely for people who consider themselves rational, none of those dismissing NLP ever attempt any of the techniques.

The fast phobia cure is so simple, if you have a phobia then give it a go, if you don't then find someone with a phobia and give it a go!

When you have something like the fast phobia cure, why bother using anything but NLP for phobias!


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