NLP Phobia Cure - how do I use NLP to cure a Phobia?


Before fixing a phobia it is important to be sure that it is a phobia you are dealing with. Many people have various fears, and dislikes, but a phobia is something different.

A phobia is much more extreme.

So how do you tell the difference?

How extreme is extreme enough?

If, for example, you think you have a flying phobia, but can get on an airplane and fly, then you probably have a fear.

If you have a spider phobia, and run shaking out of the room when a spider appears on the television, then you have a phobia.

In both cases, before using the NLP phobia cure, the first step is to work out what happens in your mind when the fear/phobia begins.

The worm story in the article NLP Memory Manipulation - Change the Content of your Memories is a good example of the kind of process you will be running through in your mind when the phobia kicks in.

Once you have worked out what happens in your mind then you have a decision to make as to how to resolve the issue.

If the image is a moving image (likely to be classed as a phobia) then run through the NLP Phobia cure.

If the image is a still image (likely to be a simple fear), then use the swish or the whiteout pattern instead. If this fails then the NLP phobia cure may be worth a go.

One reason for this differentiation is that the NLP phobia cure is based around the representation being a moving image, and cannot easily be used on a still image.

Coincidentally, It also seem to be the movement in the image that separates a phobia from a fear.

If you have any questions concerning which exercise you should use then please email PlanetNLP.

Good Luck!


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