Weird Phobias - how do you cure a strange or unusual phobia?


Do you believe that your phobia is unique? That your strange or weird phobia is yours and yours alone?

If you check any weird phobias list, you will probably find that you're not really alone. And even if your phobia isn't listed, there are plenty of unusual phobias out there.

And unfortunately if you have an unusual phobia, it seems that the world is full of people who can help with a public speaking phobia, or a flying phobia, but not your specific problem. Can these people help you? Have you ever seen anyone advertise that they can cure a bouncy castle phobia?

So is it possible to cure the Weird Phobias?

Interestingly no matter how different two phobias appear, the underlying process will be almost identical. Phobias are not remotely are diverse as they first seem.

Phobias invariably have the following common elements:

  • A visual representation. When the phobia occurs, the phobic makes an internal visual representation of whatever it is that they fear.
  • The visual representation contains movement - usually very quick movement.

Coincidently, it is these two elements that you work with when using the fast phobia cure. The actual content of the phobia is of no relevance what so ever.

Now, you may think that there is no visual element to your phobia - that you just see the stimulus and run out of the room, but if you think about if for a moment, and think through the last time the phobia occurred I'm sure you can find not just a visual element, but a fast moving visual element.

For instance, people who have a fear of spiders, on seeing a spider sat quietly and still on the table in front of them will usually imagine the spider (or a representation of a spider from memory - either a real memory or imagined) running or jumping at them, and it is this movement that causes the quick and panicked response.

And due to this commonality, whether your phobia is of spiders, baked beans, or bouncy castles, the cure for your phobia is exactly the same. In all instances you should try using the fast phobia cure - even for really weird phobias.

Now I'm aware that some weird phobias don't seem to relate well to a moving image. The fear of particular numbers for instance. But this doesn't mean that the phobia is not generated internally by using a moving visual image, just that the image contents may only relate to the stimulus in a way that is meaningful to the phobic. For instance, a person with a fear of friday the 13th may visualize something bad that they believe may happen to them on friday the 13th, and that may contain movement.

So what are you waiting for? The fast phobia cure isn't called the FAST phobia cure without good reason!

Are there any products you can buy for curing a Phobia?

There are a few specific products that I recommend for curing phobias. For a general phobia cure you can checkout Richard Bandler's Banishing Phobias CD or for cures for specific phobias checkout Paul McKenna's Overcome your Phobia recordings.


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