NLP Trainer Training Review


I am referring to McKenna-Breen's NLP Trainer Training course run in London UK in September 1998.

Firstly Richard Bandler was on fine form. He shared the sessions with Paul McKenna and Michael Breen. Both of whom are very good trainers, and also very good examples of NLP in action.

One of the great thing about this course was that while the three trainers were training, they were also providing us with three very different styles from which each course member could cherry pick the pieces that suited them to add to their own style.

The course was run at the Barbican in London. This turned out to be a good venue as it has a variety of rooms, including the huge theatre, in which to practice presenting.

Of all the NLP training courses I have taken with Richard, Trainer Training was the toughest, but then it is usually considered the pinnacle of NLP seminars.

Each day consisted of exercises almost all of which involved speaking in front of an audience with little preparation and a lot of planned confusion.

The experience of the course members varied tremendously, but most people started the 9 days with a degree of trepidation, but their skills with an audience improved daily so that by the end of the course everyone had vastly improved.

Early in the NLP trainer training course the group (of around 70) was split into 3. Each group had a practice room, so most of the presentations were done in front of around 20-25 people.

After a few days - just as everyone was getting comfortable with their group - the groups were reorganized.

Yes, this course was designed to keep us on our toes.

A lot of the course was about attitude and charisma.

We were constantly being pushed to be more outrageous, more confident, more flexible, and to develop faster and more effective ways to change our audiences state and lead them exactly where we wanted them to go.

This was a course that stays with me, and I cannot recommend it enough - if you dare!

Elsewhere I have written a description of the NLP Trainer Training course contents.