NLP Trainer Training course description


What is Trainer Training?

The goal of this NLP training is to take an NLP practitioner and train them to use their skills within a training environment, hopefully so that they can provide an NLP training of the quality required by the society of NLP (or other major NLP organization).

What should you expect from an NLP Trainer Training?

Of course, not everyone on the course is looking to run their own NLP Seminars.

The course provides two complementary sets of skills.

1) Improve the trainer as a speaker in regards to gaining rapport with the audience, confidence, posture, voice etc.

2) The ability to use NLP techniques such as language patterns, hypnotic inductions, metaphors, state changes, and loops within a presentation.

Basically within this course you will take all the techniques you learnt during your NLP practitioner training and use them on multiple clients at once.

Who is the NLP Trainer Training Course for?

While there is a lot of value in this course for someone with no NLP experience, taking an NLP practitioner training prior to this training will definitely ensure that you can learn the most from the experience.

If you are someone who is a trainer outside of the NLP arena, and want to supercharge your skills, then this course will provide you with lots of new experiences to make you a more charismatic and flexible speaker.

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