Persuasion Engineering by Richard Bandler, John La Valle


Persuasion Engineering is Richard Bandler's NLP book on sales.

Co-written with John La Valle (Richards co-trainer in the US), the book is in Richards usual 'Seminar in a book' format, based on their course of the same name.

The book is one of Richard's more advanced, and should probably be read after Using your Brain for a Change and Time for a Change.

Richard's approach to sales is based around the simple idea of establishing a buying state then letting the product sell itself.

The book is an interesting read, and a good book to try and dissect richards magic. It's a book that can be read numerous times, and you will discover something new every time. Also, it doesn't really matter that the book is about sales because the skill of persuasion is extremely useful for everyone. If you are likely to have a job interview soon, then this book could be worth far more than you'd think. The language patterns are equally powerful in the board room, the interview, or the therapy session.

Of all Richards less technical NLP books (as opposed to Structure of Magic, Patterns etc.), Persuasion Engineering contains the most detail about language patterns.

Do you really need any more persuading?