NLP Book Review: Time for a Change by Richard Bandler


This book is often considered to be the sequel to Using your brain for a change.

Both books are seminar transcripts, and both contain lots of exercises based around submodalities, so like Using your Brain, this is a book to use to work on yourself. And if you liked that volume, then buying this one should be a no-brainer.

Also, this is a much more advanced NLP book than Using your brain, and Richard seems to use stories and metaphors much more than in the earlier book. This makes it a very good book for the more advanced NLP student to dissect in search of Richard's tricks of the trade.

The book covers several NLP subjects including hypnotic housekeeping, Time Distortion, and non-verbal inductions. None of which are particularly covered in other NLP books, and the books that do cover these subjects don't cover them half as well as Richard Bandler does in 'Time for a Change'.

Like most of Richards books, 'Time for a Change' is one to read over and over, but do read Using your Brain for a Change first to get the most out of it.