NLP Public Speaking Techniques for Presentations and Interviews


Many people struggle giving presentations, and it is considered by many to be the biggest fear people have.

In fact Jerry Seinfeld once remarked:

A recent survey stated that the average person's greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death which was third on the list. So, you're telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy.

If you doubt your ability to deliver a good presentation then the best way to start is to create a few resourceful beliefs and remove any limiting beliefs. So think about your attitude towards public speaking and list any limiting beliefs you have and then run through the NLP Belief Disintegrator with each one.

Next create a list of beliefs that would help you, and run through the NLP Belief Creator with each one. The list below may give you a few ideas to get started with:

  • I am an interesting and charismatic speaker
  • People find me interesting to listen to
  • I am a confident speaker
  • I am always relaxed and at ease during presentations

If you are nervous about a specific presentation you have to give, or an interview you have planned, then use the swish pattern to give you a more positive outlook and to prevent you from worrying prior to the event. Simply create a very positive image of you performing at your best and use that as the second image. The Mommy make it go away NLP exercise can help to remove any destructive voices that prevent you from performing at your best.

Another way to improve your performance is to practice the Get Grounded and NLP Confidence exercises.

It is a good idea to set up a really powerful anchor using the NLP Anchoring technique, so that you can access a good positive state during the actual presentation or interview. You may wish to use the states you generated with the Get Grounded and NLP Confidence exercises and incorporate these into your 'Presentation anchor'.

It is always a good idea to work on your general confidence for help with public speaking, so as well as these exercises use the more general confidence building advice from the How do I Increase my Confidence article.

If you feel that the biggest problem standing in the way of giving good presentations is a general lack of practice, then you should give Toastmasters International a try. I have been a member for several years and it is a great organization to improve your public speaking.

Or, if you feel up for the challenge, an NLP trainers training is a great experience.

If you wish to use Hypnosis to improve your public speaking skills then I have listen a few recommended hypnosis records below. These are all from, who provide many recordings that can help you improve your public speaking and interview skills.

If you have any questions, or feedback about your progress using these exercises, then please feel free to add your comments or contact


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