Hypnosis Scripts


The following hypnotic scripts are provided with explanations of why they are structured as they are, and how they are written give an idea of the types of inductions that exist, and that you can develop.

The hypnotic scripts provided should give you a good understanding of how to structure and write your own scripts, and many hypnotists get by their entire lives using just these kinds of scripts.

Once you have learnt a few of these hypnotic induction scripts along with a few language patterns from the milton model, you will find it easy to create your own.

The best way to start is by analyzing other peoples hypnosis scripts and writing out hypnotic language patterns until they become second nature.

For a good description of how to learn hypnotic language patterns, check the article on NLP Language Patterns on PlanetNLP.

I will be adding many more hypnotic scripts that you can use for your own inductions and hypnotic processes over the next few months.

Hypnosis Inductions

The purpose of the hypnotic induction is to put the client into the trance state. Many hypnotists will regularly use hypnotic induction language throughout the session to deepen the clients trance and keep them in a relaxed state.:

Hypnosis Process Sections

This is where the work is done. In the next few weeks I will be adding more sessions. These sections provides the purpose of the hypnosis session:

Wake Up! sections

This is where you bring them back - and bring them back feeling better than they did before you started!