Hypnosis for Bodybuilding


Hypnosis is generally used for therapeutic goals rather then personal improvement, but there is no reason why hypnosis shouldn't be used to improve all areas of your life however successful they already are.

Bodybuilding is an incredibly tough sport - both mentally and physically.

Using hypnosis for bodybuilding is similar to using hypnosis for weight loss. In both cases motivation to exercise, and diet are key elements.

The main difference is that in bodybuilding the intensity and importance of the gym sessions is much, much higher.

There is also the competitive element to bodybuilding that is usually missing from normal weight loss.

Bodybuilding Diet and Weight Control by Hypnosis

Personally, I think it's better to work on yourself using self-hypnosis for bodybuilding unless there is a specific issue that you think a hypnotist could help you with, simply because your needs will probably change regularly and as a bodybuilder you will know what you need. For a boost to your bodybuilding there are many self-hypnosis recordings available at HypnosisDownloads.com including the following:

Hypnosis at the Gym

Aside from hypnosis, NLP provides many tools that can be used to improve your bodybuilding. The article NLP Bodybuilding Techniques provides techniques that can improve your results, especially during your workouts.

The following self hypnosis programs may also help with your workouts:

Hypnotic Motivation for Bodybuilding

Probably the toughest part of bodybuilding is motivation. Dieting for contests while maintaining a high workout level is incredibly tough. There are several self hypnosis recordings that can help with your motivation:

As well as using hypnosis for bodybuilding, there are many NLP Techniques that can help. The article NLP Bodybuilding Techniques on PlanetNLP.com provides information on using NLP to improve your bodybuilding. Using NLP and Hypnosis for bodybuilding together should really turbocharge your training.

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