NLP Bodybuilding Techniques


In Bodybuilding, like most sports, everyone is after that slight advantage - to find a way to gain that bit more mass or become slightly more ripped than the competition. So can NLP help? Are there any useful NLP bodybuilding techniques?

The answer is yes.

When it comes to motivation and diet, I've already covered these issues in detail in the article NLP for Weight Loss.

Specifically for bodybuilding, there are several other NLP techniques that can help dramatically.

NLP Bodybuilding Techniques in the Gym

One big difference between a seasoned lifter and a beginner is the ability to apply more muscle fibres to a lift. Visualization is a good way to help the process along and to generally improve muscle involvement. For instance, if I was performing a set of barbell curls I would visualize two elastic ropes between the bar and the ceiling which as I perform each of my reps, pull the bar in the correct arc upwards towards the ceiling. Variations on this technique can be used on any free weight lift to increase your muscle involvement and improve your movement. For machine lifts such as leg extensions, it is easier to visualize an elastic rope around your ankles that pulls your lower leg through it's arc of movement.

Remember that this is really all about constructed metaphors so anything you can imagine that implies an easier or more stable lift is worth experimenting with. Some people may think that this isn't really an NLP bodybuilding technique, but is closely related.

I always found it difficult to get a good balance during squats or bent leg deadlifts. Many people concentrate on a single spot on the wall at eye level and move their head slightly to keep their eyes on that point as they squat. How about visualizing a supporting frame helping your stability instead, or you could try using the Get Grounded NLP Exercise. For more information on this kind of NLP metaphor that you can use to develop your own NLP bodybuilding techniques check the article on NLP Metaphors.

When I used to train, I found that there were days when I had a really good session, and other days when I just couldn't get my energy levels up. Of all the NLP bodybuilding techniques, NLP Anchors can be used to ensure that you are in the right mental and physical state every time you train. You can either anchor a time when you were at your best, or custom design the mental state you would like to be in every time you enter the gym.

NLP Techniques for Bodybuilding Contests

If you're serious enough to be into entering contests, then NLP has a few more useful techniques.

It's important to be confident around other competitors, check the NLP Confidence building exercises if this is an issue for you.

Anyone competing with a posing routine should run through it in their head as a form of mental preparation as well as running through the routine for real. Performing a routine mentally using the NLP concept of NLP perceptional positions may give you new insights into how your routine looks and any changes you need to make.

Bodybuilding is an incredibly difficult sport - where a lot of effort is required for little reward. Regular written goal setting and visualization of your goal may help hugely, especially with motivation. It's important when you visualize your goals to ensure that you use submodalities that motivate you to make your efforts towards your goal as painless as possible. Checkout the lesson NLP Submodalities - Change your Reality for how to get your thought processes all aimed in the same direction.

If you are new to NLP, then there is a lot of new information to learn here, but taking each of the NLP bodybuilding techniques one at a time until that process is integrated into your training should make it easier and less overwhelming. If you have any questions, then please send us a comment.

Are there any products you can buy for help with Bodybuilding?

There are no NLP products that I am aware of that are directly related to bodybuilding. provide many hypnosis recordings that can help your training. I have listed several below that you may find relevent.


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