Use NLP to Glisten up your Future


An NLP time line is a mental construct that is used internally to organize time. If you haven't worked out your own time line then read the lesson on discovering your own time line before trying the following exercise.

This exercise requires anchoring, so if you haven't learnt how to use anchoring on yourself then read the article Create Powerful Anchors using NLP.

You will also need to be able to work with creating states, so you should read NLP states too. The exercise will assume you already know these subjects reasonably well.

Thanks to Richard Bandler for the title of this one.

For this exercise you're going to need a really powerful positive state so either practice developing strong states, or find someone else to help you with this one.

For the state, create a brand new state consisting of confidence, 'being in the zone', comfort/relaxation, focused, and use the feeling from a time when you were just shining.

Visualize your time line and concentrate on the present moment. Fire the anchor and move your awareness gently off into the future along your time line, keeping this powerful feeling going with you, allowing the feeling to settle at any points in the future when it may be appropriate to have this feeling. As you move forward you may become aware of events in the future were this state may be really useful.

Good Luck with this NLP time line exercise!