NLP Book Review: Conversations by Richard Bandler and Owen Fitzpatrick


This is very different to any other NLP books that Richard Bandler has been involved in, and is based, obviously, on a series of conversations between Richard and Owen, with Owen deciding on the direction in which the conversation was going to start, and then Richard taking control in his own imitable style.

The book covers the subject of freedom and consists of chapters covering conversations on individual subjects, with exercises at the end of them. The aim being to help you achieve freedom within your life.

This really is a quite exquisite (and large) book. It is not a book to learn NLP from but, unusually for NLP, a book to dip into from time to time when you need to feel that life is worthwhile.

For anyone interested in the brains behind NLP, this is a much more personal book than anything that Richard has been involved in before.

Owen must be commended for getting Richard's involvement in this project.