NLP Motivation Strategy Installation


When it comes to installing an NLP motivation strategy, it's important to remember that not every NLP motivation strategy is equally good for everyone.

When it comes to installing one in someone, there are three options. These are:

  • Use Strategy Elicitation to extract a strategy from someone who is known for being motivated and install it in yourself or someone else.
  • Find a motivation strategy you (or your client) already uses and reuse it for the new goal/task.
  • Make one up.

For most people, the easiest option is the second option. This is covered in the Get Motivated with NLP! exercise.

Option one can be covered in the same way as option two, just with two people. Remember to make sure you use someone who gets things DONE!

Option three is the one that I find the most interesting, so I'll go into detail on how we might make up a strategy right 'out of thin air'.

This is the way things are done in DHE.

Firstly, you need a good understanding of the clients submodalities.

Which submodalities make something compelling - use the NLP submodality worksheet to find out?

Which submodalities raise the emotional attachment to something?

For instance, if you know that making an image of a cake dull or black/white helps to prevent someone eating a cake then the opposite will most likely motivate them.

In general you can almost guess which submodalities you need to use with a client, but its really best to test them.

Also, what kind of voices does the client like? I remember several years ago working with the NLP coach Julie Starr. Julie has such a wonderful and 'sexy' voice that as a full blooded male I would have been motivated to do pretty much anything she asked! That is the kind of voice I want in my head motivating me to achieve my goals!

If the person has a particular voice they like then get them to come up with something that voice could say to them in their head that would motivate them. If you have some spare people around then you could use them to actually say the words 'go for it' or whatever during the installation. When using voices in this way its important to find out what position works best. Many people seem to be motivated better by voices that come at them from behind.

What other elements can we throw at our NLP motivation strategy?

Does the client achieve more if they visualize the completed goal, or if they visualize themselves working at achieving the goal while enjoying it?

An element that you may or may not want to add is a feeling. Often if the other elements are right then the motivated feeling will come about automatically, otherwise the best thing is to 'borrow'; the feeling from another motivation the client has and use that.

The following example assumes we've collated all the required information prior to installation.

NLP Motivation Strategy Installation

A standard NLP motivation strategy installation is simple. Once you know what submodalities, internal voices, and feelings you want you simply ask the client to remember what it is they want to be motivated to do, and then add the 'ingredients' and change the submodalities. If you're working with a feeling then there are two ways. The first is to build up the feeling and then bring the image in while maintaining the feeling and adjust the submodalities at that point.

Another option, if you're using a pre-existing feeling or working with external voices is to build up the feeling and anchor it, then during the installation fire the anchor while the client imagines their goal with any submodality changes already done. If you're going to work in this way then at the moment you fire the anchor bring any auditory elements in to the mix.

An interesting element I have seen used during motivation strategy installation is physical movement. With the client sat in a chair, just as the anchor is fired and the sexy or gospel voices are blasting out 'go for it', the back of the chair is pushed forward forcing the client to lose balance slightly and stand up to prevent themselves falling on the floor. This has the bizarre effect of making the client tilt/move forward when they think of their goal.

I remember the first time I ever attempt a NLP motivation strategy installation being surprised at how simple it was. Is that it? I was thinking. Considering the effort we have to go through to elicit the strategy, installations seem surprisingly simple!



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If you're going to work in this way then at the moment you fire the anchor bring any auditory elements in to the mix.

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