NLP Dream Mechanics - use your brain while you sleep


Do you find that you often come up with solutions to problems when you least expect to, or that you often go to bed thinking about a problem, then in the morning wonder what the big deal was as the solution seems so simple?

You must have given up on a seemingly impossible problem only for the solution to come from nowhere when you're driving home from work, taking a shower, or watching the television.

This shows that your mind is much more tenacious (or stubborn) than you think.

Because while you've been getting on with the day to day chores, your mind has kept working, behind your back, to solve this problem for you.

Surely this is something you should take advantage of?

This NLP exercise is designed for exactly that purpose.

Next time you have a difficult decision to make, just before you go to sleep, repeat something such as the following (out loud if you're alone):

Tonight while I sleep, I want you, my unconscious mind, to work though the night and decide which toothpaste I should buy (you may use something more important if you wish), then in the morning when I wake refreshed and alert, you will give me the solution.

You may wish to offer your unconscious mind a treat for completing this task - something sweet and sticky maybe.

And if you don't have an alarm clock you can use the same method to ensure that you wake up at the right time. Try it.

Or how about asking your unconscious mind to ensure that you wake in the morning feeling wonderful.

The more you experiment with methods such as this, the better your results will become.



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NLP Dream Mechanics

An excellent and easy to use technique. I am also licensed NLP practitioner in Karachi, and know the highly effect of the exercise. I appreciate to share this knowledge with visitors throughout world.

Irfan, Pakistan

Posted August 25, 2011 at 02:16

To Irfan...

Glad you enjoyed it Irfan. Is there much NLP in Pakistan?

Chris Harrison, UK

Posted August 26, 2011 at 09:16

I like this forum at last a space to express the unusual. Not only does the subconscious mind wake us or follow any command we give it. Did u know it can also freeze the time. I experienced this on a few occassions like when being late knowing I'll miss the last bus for the day and all I do is ignore the time not become anxious and say I'll be in time. Believe it my children couldn't even believe what they experienced with me.
Sometimes even I can't believe it... Lol

Thanks great stuff

Qaadirah, South Africa

Posted January 30, 2012 at 10:55