DHE (Design Human Engineering) Training Review


I am referring to McKenna Breens Design Human Engineering course run in September 1997 in London UK.

Like many participants I had just spent 9 days on an NLP Master practitioner course and my mind was still buzzing from all the trancework done during those days.

As usual for McKenna Breens NLP trainings from this period, Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, and Michael Breen split the sessions between them.

Richard concentrated on the installation work, Michael, the more academic work, and Paul wrapped up with lots of trance work.

As mentioned elsewhere, the three NLP trainers worked brilliantly together, each bringing their own style to the party.

Design Human Engineering is one of Richards more experimental courses.

It provides various additions to the usual calibration techniques that allow a practitioner to work with clients quicker than before.

Many of these techniques almost seemed like black magic in their application.

Design Human Engineering also provides the 'Control Panel' that many NLP practitioners talk so lovingly about.

Unfortunately Richard doesn't teach Design Human Engineering very much any more.

This may be due to the course being difficult to market. The corporates go to the NLP practitioner courses, the sales people go to persuasion engineering, and only the hardcore NLP nuts go to DHE.

After the course, my view of it was that there were a lot of really cool techniques but it was not the most practical for a practitioner dealing with clients.

Design Human Engineering does show how much more there really is, and how we have only tapped our potential.

This is a course for the NLP Master Practitioner who wants to stretch their beliefs to the limit and develop some awesome techniques for dealing with clients and changing your own behavior.



Previous comments

What is DHE?

I've heard about the control panel technique, but whenever I speak to anyone who has done a DHE training they seem to be really vague.

Please could you explain what skills you learnt on the course that you can use with a client?

SW, Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted May 8, 2010 at 12:06

DHE Skills for use with Clients

If you're planning to work with clients then I would suggest that an NLP Practitioner course would be more useful than DHE. DHE provides a lot of really good sensory acuity skills which certainly help but provides few techniques.
The NLP prac course should help you to work with clients in a more free form style than most NLP practitioners, and the DHE adds some nice elegence because you won't need to ask as many questions due to the ability to SEE more.

Chris Harrison, UK

Posted May 14, 2010 at 21:53