Types of Hypnosis - What are the different types of Hypnosis?


This is a question that comes up very often with clients, but the question is really too vague to answer without further information, so I will cover the different types of hypnosis that may come up as best I can.

There are many different induction methods, and there are many different uses of hypnosis, such as stage hypnosis, covert hypnosis (for persuasion), self hypnosis, and hypnosis for specific issues such as weight loss or smoking cessation.

As for different types of hypnotists, most hypnotists come from one of two backgrounds: They either have a clinical/medical background or they may have a self-improvement/alternative therapy background background (this is common with many of the 'newer' hypnotists specifically those with a background in NLP).

Some clients may decide that they prefer a hypnotist with a medical background, specifically if you'd adverse to the kind of new age dogma that some therapists cling to.

Hypnotists use a wide variety of skills such as rapport, pacing and leading, and language patterns, so really there is no easy way to pigeonhole hypnotists into specific styles, though many hypnotists do specifically label themselves as ericksonian hypnotherapists.

For information on the different types of hypnosis inductions that hypnotists use, read the article Hypnosis Inductions.

It also makes no sense to pigeon hole hypnotists according to a specialty - being skilled helping people lose weight requires exactly the same skills as helping people quit smoking.


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