Telepathic Hypnosis - Is it real?


Personally I'm fairly open minded about telepathy - maybe it exists, maybe not.

As to telepathic hypnosis I am fairly skeptical for a number of reasons. The first reason being that hypnosis face to face can easily be performed in a manner that appears to be telepathic without any telepathy at all. It's a lot like magic - if a magician tells you he's using telepathy but you know they have the skills to do the same trick without breaking the laws of physics you tend to go with the more plausible explanation.

The article Hypnotic Eyes - Develop a Hypnotic Gaze shows you how to develop a hypnotic method that appears telepathic. In fact any hypnosis method that doesn't rely on words appears telepathic. The skills of pacing and leading, and general rapport skills can easily give the impression of telepathy when used by a skilled hypnotist.

Of course, if we're talking about hypnosis over a distance then things are a little different, but this is very difficult to test. and I don't believe there have been any particularly good studies in this area. In fact, considering that we haven't managed to prove telepathy yet, then telepathy via hypnosis seems quite a long shot.

One area of study that I think would be interesting though would be to hypnotize someone to believe they were telepathic and see what results they were able to get.

I'm sure someone out there has tried this though, so I guess this concept hasn't bourne fruit either.

So until some bright scientist get around to proving telepathy then I'd advise anyone interested in the area of telepathic hypnosis to learn the skills in the articles listed below until you are really good, and if you want to tell your friends that it's telepathic hypnosis then it's up to you!


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