Symptoms of Social Phobia (Social Anxiety)


Firstly, social phobia (social anxiety) isn't a true phobia. Not in the sense that a spider phobia is a phobia. Social phobia is a form of anxiety that causes people discomfort in social situations, and unlike standard phobias there is no simple stimulus that applies to everyone. Social phobia is an umbrella term for a number of different issues.

While there are many different forms of social phobia, they invariably all relate to the inability to relax around other people, leading to an uncomfortable level of anxiety. For an idea of how wide the range of social phobia is, refer to the list of related products at the end of this article. All of the hypnotic products listed are relevant to helping with the issue of social phobia.

When it comes to manifesting the symptoms of social phobia, some social phobics imagine a social event prior to it occurring, and in their mind imagine people focusing on them, and see themselves looking stupid - this is similar to people who suffer from stage fright imaging the audience turning on them. Other social phobics have an internal voice that simply tells them that they are not worthy and they see everyone else as being much cooler, smarter, or more attractive than themselves.

It's like walking in the rain passed a busy bar and looking through the window to see everyone is having a great time - and you're not invited. Social Phobics tend to think that everyone else has everything under control, because they tend to focus on their own feelings and thus fail to notice faults in other peoples characters and when other people are lacking confidence.

Some Social Phobics behavior could almost be considered arrogant. People internal thinking is as if they are the center of every one else's attention. It usually just isn't true. If I accidentally pass wind in a public place - it's mildly embarrassing, but my ego isn't large enough for me to believe that everyone within a reasonable distance is going to be going home and telling their friends about me - I'm just not that important. Unfortunately many social phobics seem to fall into this kind of thinking. In a crowded bar, no one else gives a damn if you say something stupid or trip on a step.

Physical symptoms of social phobia or social anxiety are the same as any other form of anxiety. Shaking (especially vocally), an inability to focus or relax, a heightened state of attention - the usual effects of high levels of adrenaline.

How do you cure a Social Phobia?

Unlike most other phobias, the NLP Phobia cure is not the best way to fix social phobia, though it can help with very specific issues that may be related to your social anxiety.

There are many exercises on this website. Check the Confidence Building Exercises, along with the NLP Techniques, and NLP Exercises. Solving your social phobia is usually a case of spotting the scenarios where you have problems and then looking for an exercise to deal with that issue. For instance, if you keep thinking of a particular time that embarrassed you, then the White Out exercise is a good starting point. If you find you struggle with a particular person the look at the NLP Confidence exercises. If you have an internal voice that tells you you're rubbish then try the exercise Mommy make it go away!

Over time you should be able to whittle away at the issues and improve your social interactions.

The article Overcoming Social Phobia (Social Anxiety) covers dealing with your social phobia in more detail.

Are there any products you can buy for curing Social Phobia?

As mentioned above there are many hypnosis products that may help with the specific elements of your social phobia, then I can recommend hypnosis products from as being helpful. They have many products that can help you deal with your social phobia, some of which are listed below.

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