Stop Smoking with NLP


Smoking is usually a fairly simple issue to deal with. I am not suggesting that it is easy to give up, but unlike an issue such as confidence or weight loss, there is usually only a few aspects to deal with.

It is usually quite straightforward to stop smoking with NLP.

Firstly, as is common in many interventions of this type, it's important to get your beliefs sorted, so:

  • Do you believe you can stop smoking?
  • Do you believe it will be easy to quit smoking?
  • Do you believe you are an addict?

If you have any negative beliefs such as those listed above that are going to get in the way of you quitting smoking then use the NLP belief disintegrator to destroy them.

Having done that, you should create some new beliefs to support you going forward, and make it easier to stop smoking with NLP.

So, how about creating the following beliefs:

  • I can give up smoking easily
  • I have complete control over my habits
  • I feel completely comfortable around people who smoke even though I don't smoke
Stop Smoking with NLP

Use the NLP belief creator to give yourself a strong base of beliefs which will help to motivate you going forward.

Now to the basic technique that will prevent you from actually wanting to smoke. This is the key element to help you stop smoking with NLP.

I want you to think of the image you make in your mind that leads you to reaching for a cigarette and to run through the NLP Compulsion Blowout using that representation. This is a key exercise to stop you constantly thinking about cigarettes. Another exercise that you may like to try that has a similar effect is the NLP whiteout technique.

And finally:

Smoking is a very social habit, and also one that many people turn to when they are in a stressful situation.

What I want you to do is to make a list of all the times when you know you will want a cigarette. Common events may include the following:

  • first cigarette of the morning
  • before a job interview
  • after a meal
  • socializing with friends who smoke
  • during work breaks

Once you have this list, run through the swish pattern with each one. Imagine that moment when you light up for the first image, and make sure you use a strong resourceful image of you not just not smoking but of doing something more productive for the second image in the exercise.

I'm not suggesting that every time you want a cigarette you should instead write a novel or help a stranger, but think of something simple to replace the smoking action. Maybe you could simply think of the people who love you and are glad you don't smoke. In this instance, the second image may simply be of your smiling happy family.

This process will take some time to complete.

Chances are, that when you first run through this process you will not have a complete list of these events when you want to smoke, and any time you discover another activity where you struggle, simply run it through the swish pattern.

As you use these exercises more and more, you will begin to notice your own thinking processes - This is one of the side effects of trying to stop smoking with NLP.

Once you understand these exercises, you can return to them whenever you feel you need a booster.

It may take several attempts to completely destroy the need for a cigarette, but with a bit of effort, and mental self-examination, these exercises will make it much easier for you to stop smoking now.

Eventually you will find that you can automatically fix any smoking urges as soon as they arise as your unconscious mind knows what is expected.

If you interested in using Hypnosis to help you quit smoking then the following articles I have written on Hypnosis may be of interest:

There is also a related article NLP Stop Smoking Techniques - NLP for Smoking Cessation that may be of interest. I have also listed a couple of hypnosis recordings below which may help you achieve your goals and supercharge your ability to stop smoking with NLP.

Good Luck!


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Previous comments

Hypnosis or NLP?

Are there any good hypnosis cds to use to quit smoking? I've tried the NLP exercises with some success, but I think it would be easier for me to find a cd I could listen to at night.

Dave F., North of the Border

Posted May 14, 2010 at 06:45

Yes there are

There are a few advertised on this site that I think are a useful supliment to stop smoking with NLP - checkout the HypnosisDownloads links on most pages. Neither of these are very expensive and both of good quality, and a good hypnotic addition to help you stop smoking with NLP.

Chris Harrison, UK

Posted May 28, 2010 at 05:35