Stop Smoking Hypnosis CDs, Tapes and MP3s - Do they work and where can you get them?


Do Stop Smoking Hypnosis CDs, Tapes and MP3s work?

Smoking cessation is one of the most common applications for comercial hypnosis products. The range online is huge so quality can be very difficult to guage without splashing the cash.

Unlike weight loss, most companies provide a single 'stop smoking' product as there is much less variation between client needs when it comes to quitting smoking. These products should make it much easier for you to quit smoking, but you still have to make some effort yourself - especially when it comes to deciding that it is time to truly stop.

Think of hypnosis as a turbo button - a hypnosis recording can improve your motivation and ability to stay on track, but you will still have to make the important decisions and stick to the process. The aim of a stop smoking hypnosis CD, tape or MP3 is to make this whole process much easier for you.

Where can I get Stop Smoking Hypnosis CDs, Tapes and MP3s?

There are many companies offering hypnosis recordings for download to help you quit smoking, as well as many individual hypnotists, though this second option is usually much more expensive and really not as personalized as you would think. At PlanetNLP I only recommend a single Hypnosis MP3 site, and that is

How often should I use Stop Smoking Hypnosis CDs, Tapes and MP3s?

My suggestion is to use a hypnosis recording once a day for the first one or two weeks then drop back to once a week. Once you have quit smoking, you may still want to use the recording every so often just as a backup.

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