Shamanics Training Review


In this review I am referring to Meta's Altered States, Shamanic States, and basic brain exploration training course run in Edinburgh UK in December 2006.


This course occurred one day after the NHR course I reviewed elsewhere.

Doing courses back to back in this way is good fun - most companies seem to run several of their NLP seminars back to back in this way.

Unfortunately it does split the group into those who are still buzzing from the previous course, and those who need a bit of a warm up.

The three days were mostly presented by Richard Bandler, with his Co-trainer John La Valle taking a few sessions.

As mentioned in my NHR review, both were on fine form.

Unlike many of Richard's courses there was no warm-up before the more serious work began.

It was assumed that course members had some experience of trance states such as hypnosis or meditation.

Knowledge of NLP was useful, but not compulsory.

Each session, of which there were 3 or 4 a day tended to be very different from each other, and most session were very trance heavy, leaving many course member dazed through the evening.

If you are a trance junkie then I cannot recommend this course enough.

What is Shamanics?

This is an unusual course in that the less you know about the contents, the more you will enjoy it, so I will keep it vague.

The course is all about experiencing altered states.

Some of these are entertaining, and others will show you skills you were probably unaware you had, or were unaware were even possible.

This is a course to enter with an open mind.

What should you expect from a Shamanics training?

Firstly this is not a NLP course. Some of the skills you gain can be used to enhance your work with clients, but this really is about experimenting and stretching your boundaries.

Who is the course for?

The course is not useful for someone who wants to take an NLP course to get fixed. (If you fit this category then see my article Should I take a training).

The course is for those people who are open minded and willing to put their beliefs aside for three days and go for it.



Previous comments

Any experience required?

I'm really interested in the shamanics course. Do I need to do an NLP practitioner course first, or can I dive straight in?

Nick, Glasgow

Posted May 14, 2010 at 08:46

Dive on in

There is very little content in the Shamanics course. Most sessions are lead by Richard Bandler doing his 'thang', so dive straight in. If you need any NLP skills there are plenty of people around on this course to help you out.

Chris Harrison, UK

Posted May 28, 2010 at 04:06