Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss


Self Hypnosis can be a very useful way to improve your results with weight loss, but it is important to remember that you still need to work on the key elements of weight loss - controlling your diet, and exercise.

How can I use Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

There are three approaches to self hypnosis for weight loss depending upon how much time you want to invest in learning about hypnosis.

Firstly you can simply buy a hypnosis cd or mp3. There is a list of relevant recommended MP3s at the bottom of this article. I also recommend Paul McKenna's book - as a cheap and effective way to use self hypnosis for weight loss - not only are Paul's books good, but the CDs that come with them are excellent. For more information on Paul McKenna's products check my reviews of Paul McKenna's Products on, or Paul's web site.

Secondly, you can record a hypnosis MP3 or CD yourself. I have provided a weight loss hypnosis script on HypnoticPlanet. There are also scripts online that can be used or you can purchase professional quality scripts from companies such as If you are planning to record a script yourself then make sure you learn about tonality first so that you can record an effective script. Also, if you are going to write your own script then you will need to work out exactly what the scripts contents need to be. Unless you feel comfortable with this, then it is probably wiser, and more cost effective in the long run to buy a pre-recorded MP3.

A third way to use self hypnosis for weight loss is to use a self-hypnosis technique such as Betty Erickson's Self-Hypnosis Method described on this site, and then program your mind during the hypnosis session.

How long will it take to get results using Self Hypnosis for weight loss?

Unfortunately that is impossible to tell. The key really is whether you are happy with the results considering the efforts you are making. If so, then carry on!

How can I tell if Self Hypnosis is helping my Weight Loss

Except for comparing your results to those from the past and getting a rough idea as to whether you're doing better or worse than before, you can't tell really. Of course, if you're using self-hypnosis for weight loss and heading in the right direction, then why would you stop using it?

What kind of instructions should I use for a Self Hypnosis script or self-programming session for Weight Loss?

Weight Loss is quite a complex issue, in that there are several different areas that probably need addressing for each individual and it may take help from someone other than yourself to work out exactly what areas are most important for your own improvement.

Perhaps you need to sit down with someone close to you and discuss all the issues surrounding your current situation such as what you have tried in the past, what succeeded and what was difficult for you.

If you are thinking of providing your own instructions then the following list should give you some ideas of subjects to think about and decide whether they apply to you, and if so provide instructions for:

  • Speed Eating - Eating quickly can delay the onset of 'fullness'
  • Eating compulsions - Can you eat just one?
  • Compulsion to clear your plate - A lot of us were brought up to clean our plates. It doesn't seem so clever now.
  • Buying Food you should leave on the shelf - It's much easier to avoid eating something if it isn't in the kitchen.
  • Eating out of boredom - Better find something to do instead.
  • Motivation to Exercise - Believe it or not exercise is not the 8 letter version of Work. It can be fun.
  • Confidence at the Gym - No one likes to go somewhere if they feel uncomfortable when they are there.
  • Motivation to keep going - Weight Loss can be a slow process. You want unbreakable motivation to continue.

There are several further ideas in my Weight Loss Hypnosis Script that you may wish to incorporate in your own recordings. Also, some of the titles of the MP3s listed below may help with self hypnosis for weight loss.


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