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For many people, Richard's name is synonymous with NLP.

Richard Bandler

I have attended many of Richard's trainings, and read almost all of his books. While there are other authors who have written some really good NLP books, I always advise people to go to the source - and with all due respect to John Grinder, Richard's books are far more appropriate for beginners.

Richard also has some really good (if a little expensive) CDs. Along with Paul McKenna, Richard's CDs are probably the only CDs that I use again and again.

Richard trains with various organizations mostly in the US and the UK. Most of my trainings were during the late 90s when he did a lot of work in the UK with Paul McKenna, and Michael Breen. Today, he trains mainly with John La Valle.

Richard Bandler's Books


My favorite book on Hypnosis - after reading this you may even find yourself hypnotising people without thinking about it!

Richard Bandler's Trainings