Quit Smoking through Hypnosis - Advantages and Disadvantages


This article covers what you should know before attempting to use self hypnosis yourself to quit smoking through hypnosis.

For information on whether to use Hypnosis or Self hypnosis for smoking, read the article Using Hypnosis to stop smoking. For general information on smoking cessation with hypnosis read Hypnosis to quit smoking.

Firstly, the question you need to ask yourself is why use self hypnosis to quit smoking through hypnosis? Because knowing your own reasoning has a major effect on the answer.

Advantages of Self-Hypnosis as opposed to Hypnosis

  • Cost - Using self-hypnosis or recording your own sessions is the cheapest approach to quit smoking through hypnosis.
  • You know yourself - You know specifically what areas are causing you the problem.
  • Privacy - Some people feel embarrassed approaching others for help.
  • Time - You can use recordings when its convenient for you.

Disadvantages of Self-Hypnosis as opposed to Hypnosis

  • Motivation - its strange how much more motivated someone is to quit smoking when they are paying someone to help and turning up to see them each week.
  • It's much easier for someone else to uncover any specific issues you have with quitting smoking.
  • If you try self-hypnosis and make no progress then you're likely to stop trying. If a hypnotherapist isn't helping then it's their fault and they should look into changing their approach - something that's difficult to do when you're working on yourself.

Should I buy or record a Self Hypnosis Smoking recording?

While it is possible to record your own self hypnosis sessions - and there are details on this site on how to do this - unless you specifically want to learn hypnosis, it's much more cost effective to buy a pre-recorded session make by a proper hypnotherapist. There are a couple of recommended products at the bottom of this article.

I would also advise against anyone using self-hypnosis as their only therapeutic approach to quitting smoking unless cost is a major issue - though given the price of cigarettes, the cost shouldn't take long to re coop.

There is so much advantage to having someone else work through the process with you and motivate you to quit smoking through hypnosis.

If you want to take control of your own smoking habit, then there is an article 'How do I use NLP to quit smoking' on PlanetNLP.com that provides some exercises that will help to make the quitting process easier for you. For hypnotists I have written a Stop Smoking hypnosis script.


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