Phobia of Heights (Acrophobia) - Cure your Fear of Heights


Where does a Phobia of Heights come from?

There are many weird and wonderful phobias in the world, but the fear of heights is different for a simple reason.

It is widely recognized that children are born with only two fears; The fear of loud noises and the fear of falling; and it could be said that a fear of falling and a fear of heights are really the same thing.

It's also fairly obvious that there are times when it is perfectly rational to be afraid of falling. Before attempting to cure a fear of heights it's important to work out if you really want to cure it, and this comes down to context.

For instance, if you struggle with your fear in dangerous situations, then maybe your 'fear' is trying to tell you something; If you're afraid of walking across a girder at 200 feet above the ground then good - you should be! If on the other hand you struggle crossing a footbridge with a solid handrail, then maybe you should attempt to resolve the issue.

And that is also the key to curing the phobia. If you're going to attempt to cure a phobia of heights then you need to identify the internal process you're running through that manifests the phobia. Most people who have a phobia of heights imagine themselves uncontrollably throwing themselves to their own death. Once you have identified this internal representation, curing the phobia is quite straight forward.

Note: This doesn't mean that if you have a phobic reaction on a specific bridge, that the internal representation should match. You may imagine a completely different fall. For instance, someone with a phobia of spiders, on seeing a spider in the corner of the room may visualize a spider running up their leg, but apart from the stimulus (the spider) there is no other similarity between the external event and the internal image.

On a side note, it's also important to know whether your phobia is truly a phobia or if its just a fear. Read the article NLP Phobia Cure - how do I use NLP to cure a Phobia? for how to tell the difference between the two issues.

What's the easiest way to cure a Phobia of Heights?

The quickest and easiest way to deal with a height phobia is the NLP fast phobia cure which you can either run through yourself or have a friend guide you which makes the process much easier. A third option is to buy a recording to talk you through the process.

As with many phobias (as mentioned above) the most difficult part of the phobia cure is recognizing the internal 'movie' that you run in your mind that gets you into the phobic state. With a phobia of heights this may be something such as imagining throwing yourself off a bridge or cliff, or losing your footing and slipping. Often height phobias are based around an imagined feeling of movement related to losing your balance. It's important to spend time working out exactly what the process is, rather than just guessing as you may end up fixing a phobia you've just made up which won't help with the problem at all.

Are there any products you can buy for curing a Phobia of Heights?

The phobia of heights is a very common phobia so there are several options for a cure. For a general phobia cure you can try Richard Bandler's Banishing Phobias CD or checkout Paul McKenna's Overcome your Phobia recordings. also provide the hypnotic recording Fear of Heights.

Good Luck!


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