Online Hypnosis Training - Does it work and where can you get it?


Like many skills hypnosis is not something that can easily be learnt purely online. Imagine if someone offered an online swimming course - would you expect good results? That is generally the difference between knowledge and skill - skills require practice.

What can I learn from online hypnosis training?

You can learn the academic elements such as the milton model and how to write hypnosis scripts, also you can learn how you would run a hypnotherapy clinic and market yourself etc.

Unfortunately, what you can't really learn is how to actually perform the skill of hypnosis. Hypnosis is, like many skills, one that requires feedback. If you really do want to learn hypnosis online then start by finding a friend to work with. That way you can both practice on each other and at least you will get some experience actually hypnotizing someone.

For information on how to structure your own learnings using online hypnosis resources, read the article Learn Hypnosis for Free Online - the articles on this website can be easily structured to give yourself a good headstart at learning hypnosis.

Where can I get online hypnosis training?

Having done a search, there are several companies offering online hypnosis training. These seem to either involve video conferencing or the online phrase suddenly disappears once I start looking at the course details on their site - funny that. So while there are companies out there - I find it difficult to recommend one.

In fact, really I have to ask the question 'Why do you want to learn hypnosis online?'

Hypnosis is a communication based skill. That means that it involves interacting with other people, and one thing I learnt from my own hypnosis and NLP trainings is that the more different people you work with the more you skills improve as you meet different challenges with each person.

If you want to get a free taster of learning hypnosis remotely then I can make a suggestion, and that is who offer a free downloadable course via the banner below:

Free hypnosis training course

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