NLP Self Hypnosis Technique - Betty Erickson's Self Hypnosis Method


As well as being a good general NLP Self Hypnosis method, Betty Erickson's method (originally described in Richard Bandler's Transformations) is a good NLP self hypnosis technique for anyone who has trouble sleeping.

The process is simple enough, and uses sights, sounds, and physical sensations to lead you into a relaxing state of mind.

Before trying the exercise, read through it completely so that you can perform it without referring back to the instructions.

So lay back eyes open and look around the room.

Pick something you can see, such as a painting on the wall, and say in your head 'I see a painting'.

Repeat this 5 times, with 5 different objects.

Now notice something you can hear such as your breathing, and say in your head 'I hear my breathing'.

As before repeat 5 times.

Now notice what you can feel, such as your weight in the chair, or a draft against your neck, and say in your head 'I can feel the weight of my legs against the chair'.

As before repeat 5 times.

Now repeat the whole process, but this time only list 4 items for each sense.

If you run out of ideas and end up repeating some from earlier then that is fine. The key is to keep up the process moving from one sense to the next.

Next repeat the process with 3 items for each sense, then 2, then 1.

By the time you have finished you will have referred to 15+12+9+6+3 different sensations.

At this point close your eyes.

Now we're going to reverse the process and run it internally.

With your eyes closed, notice something you can feel and acknowledge it as before, then something you can hear, and something you can see, but now that your eyes are shut this is going to be something you can imagine rather than something you can actually see. Basically whatever pops into your mind.

Next repeat the process with 2 items for each sense, then 3 then 4 then finally 5.

It's surprising how quickly this begins to tire the mind.

Once you reach the end (if you reach the end) then just notice your breathing and keep your attention there while you enjoy the relaxing sensation. Normally this process is so tiring that reaching the end is a very welcome relief

An interesting variation of this exercise is to perform it with another person.

As well as leading into a good trance you will be helping each other relax and develop a great state of rapport at the same time.

In this version of the exercise sit opposite each other, and look into each others eyes but do not stare.

Take it in turns saying your acknowledgements.

You can both close your eyes whenever you feel the need, but continue to speak out loud. At some point one of you will stop speaking and you can both simply sit and enjoy the relaxing sensations. Couples may like to experiment with variations of this process - maybe holding hands or whatever else you can think of.

This NLP self hypnosis exercise can have a really profound and relaxing effect as well as leading to an incredible level of rapport and connection.



Previous comments

Great Stuff

A Great method. Are there any other NLP Self Hypnosis methods?

Nick, Glasgow

Posted September 22, 2011 at 08:30

Not that I know

Well this method isn't really a NLP self hypnosis technique anyway as when Betty invented it, NLP didn't even exist.

It's associated with NLP due to Richard Bandler putting it in one of his books.

Chris Harrison, UK

Posted September 22, 2011 at 09:43