NLP Sales Training - what is it? Who Provides it? Do I need it? Can I get it for free?


What is NLP Sales Training?

NLP Sales training is basically training someone to use a specific subset of NLP skills within the sales environment. The important skills usually comprise of state control, language patterns, rapport, and calibration.

Who provides NLP Sales Trainings?

In the UK, people such as Sue Knight and organizations such as the Performance Partnership and New Oceans provide training.

In fact I found searching for organizations providing NLP sales training to be somewhat overwhelming as I never realized how many people were offering such trainings.

In other words do your research carefully before parting with your money.

In the US the story is somewhat similar except that Richard Bandler still occasionally offers his Persuasion Engineering course which is excellent.

Do I need to take an NLP Sales Training?

All of the skills taught on an Sales training will be taught in a standard NLP practitioner or NLP master practitioner course. All that is missing is the specific application to sales, but then that is the easy bit to learn. Books such as Richard Bandler's Persuasion Engineering can provide you with the structure, so in many ways I would personally rather spend my money on a good NLP practitioner training course than on a specific NLP sales course.

On the other hand, if you currently work in a sales role, then asking to take a course with the word 'sales' in the title may be the easiest way to get the course passed whomever controls the training budget and pickup a few NLP skills yourself without paying!

Can I learn NLP Sales Training for free?

Like learning to ride a Bike, NLP is not an easy skill to learn from books. On PlanetNLP I have provided a few training articles that cover NLP Sales. These are:

Learning NLP yourself is very difficult. I remember taking my first NLP Practitioner course and being shocked at how different NLP was to how I thought it was from reading books and practicing myself, so I can't stress enough - join a practice group or take a course. You won't regret it!

Does NLP Sales Training work?

We've all had those annoying phone calls or interactions with sales people in shops where it becomes obvious very quickly that the person is trying to use some kind of linguistic trick. Using NLP for sales is not simply about tricking a customer into buying from you. In fact if it comes across to the customer as a trick, then firstly you won't be selling to them again, and secondly you are not as skilled as you need to be to use NLP sales techniques in the wild.

On the other hand, often you're selling a good product and it is the right product for the customer, but without your help the customer manages to sabotage the process and loses out only to buy later from someone with less integrity (yes, I did write that!) - wouldn't it be better if you sold your product to them? A good NLP Sales training should cover these ethical issues.

For more information on the ethical aspects of NLP Sales training - read the articles Is it ethical to use NLP for Sales?


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