Is it ethical to use NLP for Sales?


Having been on the end of a really badly read telephone script, I have mixed feelings on whether people should use NLP for selling.

The occasion, as I remember it, was quite amusing as the script was written purposefully in incorrect english (the tenses were a mixture of future, current, and past), but as the caller read the script they automatically corrected the tenses, caught themselves, then repeated the section exactly as written (reverting to the incorrect english).

It stood out like a sore thumb!

On the other hand, there are times when selling to some people, they really do need a helping hand.

For instance, if you are selling a good product at a competitive price and it will solve their problem, and they are just being a bit hesitant, then maybe it is acceptable.

So firstly, do you believe in your product?

Do you believe the customer needs it?

If so, then go ahead.

After all, we've all met customers who are so hesitant or so dependent on superfluous information to help in their decision process, that they will never buy anything and spend their life looking and waiting for the perfect product.

Another issues is decision strategies. Decision strategies are amusing things.

Some people are just looking for something that ticks the boxes, some people won't buy until they have seen at least three products, some will only buy from a shop that looks right, and some will just not buy from you - specifically!

So sometimes it is reasonable to help the customer work through their own decision making a little quicker than they would on their own.

Just make sure the customer is actually buying the right thing first.


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