Instant Confidence by Paul McKenna


Instant confidence is written in a similar style to "Seven Days". The book is easy to read, and contains lots of simple NLP and life coaching style techniques.

It's designed to be read in a short period of time, and comes with an invaluable hypnotic cd.

If you're not sure whether NLP is for you and want to dip your toe in, then this is a good book to read if you need help with your confidence or social phobia.

The hypnotic cd helps a lot to really hammer home the techniques and ensure that you gain a lot from the Instant Confidence book/cd even if you don't bother with the exercises in the book.

I really like Paul McKenna's books and recommend them a lot, especially this one. With confidence and social phobia, its really useful having the resources to refer to every so often to give yourself a boost when you need it, rather than relying on a Practitioner.

This book and cd set is that boost.

The book has the following sections:

  • Developing the Confidence Habit
  • Motivate yourself for Success
  • Confidence in the Real World
  • The Confidence Clinic

Paul Mckenna provides products and seminars in the uk. For details, checkout his web site Paul McKenna Training.



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Posted  May 7, 2010 at 08:23

I read Instant Confidence a couple of years ago. Paul McKenna's exercises and especially the CD really helped me get over my fear of dealing with customers in the shop where I work. In fact it improved my confidence all round.

StevieB, Atlanta