NLP: New Technology of Achievement by NLP Comprehensive


NLP: New Technology of Achievement developed by NLP Comprehensive is one of the first NLP books I remember buying. Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner have done a good job of creating a book that is not only is a good introduction to specific NLP skills, but is also a useful self-help book to refer to time and time again.

The book covers NLP areas such as rapport and persuasion, as well as providing NLP tools to use for self-improvement such as discovering your mission, goal setting, and building confidence.

Due to this focus, the book is strongly angled towards self-improvement rather than using NLP with others, so there is little about anchoring or language patterns here.

The book contains a good number of exercises, and many references to other NLP books which are useful if you wish to learn more about a specific NLP area. So if this is what you want to learn, then NLP: New Technology of Achievement may be the right book for you.

My only complaint is that the book is beginning to show its age a little.

NLP is an area that is still quite young and continues to change and develop at an alarming rate, but for someone with no NLP experience who wants to learn some self-improvement with their NLP there are few similar books worth recommending.

In some ways the book is similar to Paul McKenna's Seven Days.

NLP Comprehensives book teaches you more about NLP, whereas Paul's book is not really explicitly about NLP, but both cover similar self-improvement themes.

Which is for you really depends upon how much NLP you want to learn, or whether you prefer to have the work done for you (Paul's book has an enclosed hypnosis CD).