NLP for Motivation


NLP is well known for dealing with issues such as phobias and compulsions, but it also provides many techniques that are useful for generative changes such as confidence building, or motivation. In fact motivation and NLP have been closely linked since the early days of NLP.

There are two elements of NLP that allow it to be used for generative change in this way - to use NLP for motivation.

One is the process of NLP modeling, whereby as long as one person has the ability to be motivated, we can find out how they do it, and 'program' someone else with the same ability. My article on NLP modeling specifically walks through modeling and installing a motivation strategy.

The second is a process that is used much more regularly by NLP practitioners, and is based on taking a resource that a person has, and just using it for something else.

For instance, most people can think of something that motivates them, even if its something like 'going to the bathroom rather than wet themselves!

The motivation strategy used in this instance is 'copied' to the activity where the motivation is required. This is one way to build a really powerful motivation strategy, and as it uses a motivation strategy that the client already has. the submodalities shifts will match perfectly. Its a common problem that people have multiple motivation strategies for different activities and really you only need one - the one which is most effective for you.

One of my favorite examples of this kind of change is one that Richard Bandler uses where he links a clients motivation for sex to motivation to read. He finishes with a line something like 'if you liked reading as much as sex, then you'd have a big pile of books by the side of your bed'.

So basically can we use NLP for Motivation? Yes.

To use NLP for motivation to develop an NLP motivation strategy yourself, try the exercise Get Motivated with NLP! or learn more about NLP Strategy Installation with the article NLP Motivation Strategy Installation.



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Procrastination or Motivation?

My problem is more around procrastination then motivation. Once I've got started I do ok, but its getting going that I have a problem with. Is there a different exercise I should use?

Nick, Glasgow

Posted May 14, 2010 at 09:02

Stick with it

If I were you I would stick with using the NLP for motivation exercises. Once you feel motivated to do something you should be able to burst through the procrastination.

Chris Harrison, UK

Posted May 28, 2010 at 05:25