NLP Flash Cards - what are they and where can you get them?


NLP Flash cards are a very good way to practice NLP language patterns.

With hypnotic language it's important that you can use the patterns effortlessly and automatically - just like learning a foreign language, and the only way to do this is through repetition and practice. But unlike learning a foreign language, in NLP repetition doesn't mean practicing set phrases, but repeating patterns and this is where the cards help tremendously by prompting you to use different variations. Flash cards can be used alone, or with other people. Some people choose to write out language patterns as a good way to learn and integrate them - which is fine - but flash cards are much more convenient and quicker to use, as well as causing less stress to your writing hand.

Where can I buy NLP Flash Cards?

Currently I am aware of two sets of cards that you can purchase. Salad's cards can be purchased here:

Salad Flash Cards

Salads Ericksonian cards, and the original Zebu cards (which are a great way to practice embedded commands) can be purchased through Amazon.

Creating Your own NLP Flash Cards

Of course, once you know a few of the NLP milton model language patterns you can create your own cards.

Simply go through each milton model pattern and work out a list of different patterns. So as an example, for the presupposition type 'ordinal numbers' you might create a card with the word first, and for 'adverbs' you might create a card with the word quickly. Then if you are practicing trance induction you might decide to build an induction using the cards.

In a moment I want you to relax, but first I want you to make yourself comfortable. Notice how quickly you can begin to drift as you concentrate on your breathing.

Once you have an idea of how to use the words and phrases you can create your own ways to use the NLP flash cards. Perhaps picking a single card, saying a phrase then picking another card to practice being able to keep a trance moving forward effortlessly without backtracking or repeating, or maybe you might pick four or five cards at once and try to weave an induction around them.


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