NLP Grounding Exercise - Get Grounded with NLP


This is a really cool and short exercise. It's not specifically an NLP exercise, but a great way to get your physiology and confidence sorted. It's used a lot on NLP training courses to get participants to develop a solid base from which to work with others on various NLP techniques.

Personally I like to perform this exercise with shoes off, but if that's too 'New Age' then its fine to keep your feet covered. High Heels should really be avoided though. You need your feet to be as flat on the floor as possible. If you're in the office then it's probably best to keep the shoes on.

So here goes:

Stand up! - You didn't think this stuff was all about sitting around making pictures in your head did you?

Stand up straight, with your feet about shoulder width apart pointing forwards

Make sure your feet are flat on the floor and grip the ground with your toes.

Once you're gripping the floor rotate you hips forward slightly, kind of like the start of a hip thrust. This movement may feel a little unnatural but don't worry it won't show - no one will think you're weird.

The movement if done currently will seem to turn your thighs slightly upwards and your shoulders should sink back slightly. Your stomach muscles will now be slightly tensed.

Relax your shoulders by letting them roll back and make sure your arms are loose.

Relax your knees slightly.

Remain upright, but with your knees unlocked. Your knees shouldn't be bent but they shouldn't be locked either. If you're familiar with any martial arts then this kind of position will probably not be very unusual to you.

Breathe out and let your body sink slightly.

Focus your attention about 3-4cm below your navel. You should notice the slight tenseness in your lower stomach muscles around his point and notice how planted you feel. As if your breath and balance are all contained within that small point.

Keep your body relaxed, and continue to breath deeply and slowly. Your eyes should remain focused ahead of you.

Notice how you feel as you continue to concentrate on this point.

Once this is comfortable for you, practice getting into this position regularly for several minutes at a time, and then begin to practice moving around while keeping your concentration on this point. At first moving around may feel awkward as if your lower body is stiff and not really moving with your upper body, but stick with it and it will all come together. It's important to remain aware of your breathing when you start to move around as this is likely to change without you noticing.

Eventually you should be able to retain this state while walking around in public and whenever you are still your posture will remain solid.

This will keep you firmly planted both physically and mentally and to other people you will appear calm, confident and still.

So would this NLP grounding technique be useful next time you're giving a presentation or talking to a someone who is just gorgeous?



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I really like this exercise - the only problem I have is that I tend to forget when I'm trying to use it. Especially if I start talking.

Is there a way to make the feeling more constant, so that I am automatically using the correct posture?

DaveG, London

Posted May 14, 2010 at 06:50


Have you tried anchoring the feeling so you can access it whenever you wish? Checkout the anchoring techniques on elsewhere on this site.

Chris Harrison, UK

Posted May 28, 2010 at 04:22