NLP eBooks - what you need to know before buying an NLP eBook


The web is full of them - NLP EBooks offering all the techniques and skill that you can’t get elsewhere. NLP Secrets not published in hardback, and only available for download and certainly not for free. So is an NLP ‘Trainer’, I’ve never heard of, who has published more NLP ebooks than Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, and John Grinder have published through the usual channels added together, going to give you value for money?

I think not.

The Problem is that anyone can chuck up a website, put on a suit and take a picture of themselves holding a handful of dollar bills or standing with their arms around an attractive girl, write a single 20 page long advert for an NLP eBook, and claim some unproven level of authority.

And why are the adverts always so long?

In fact post people who publish ebooks online probably put more time and effort into the advert than into writing the actual ebook.

Until there is some kind of quality control on ebooks, I believe your money is better spent elsewhere.

Recently I made a decision about ebooks because they had been bothering me for a while. I had been advertising several e-products on my sites, planning to review them - which unfortunately I never got around to.

I became uneasy about advertising NLP ebooks here on PlanetNLP. Do I want to be associated with something when I have no measure of its quality? I decided that it comes down to integrity and the answer is no. Integrity is very high on my list of values, so the ads for NLP ebooks have gone. I only recommend and advertise products that have a known level of quality and I feel provide value for the buyer.

Due to the ‘pyramid scheme’ style of NLP training there are far too many books on NLP anyway - everyone who takes an NLP practitioner course seems to think they have something to say, and the bookshops are full of books containing exactly the same watered down and out of date version of NLP, so even sticking to NLP books published by the standard methods is not a guarantee of quality.

My advice is simple. Stick to the big names, especially to start with – Bandler, Grinder, Dilts, Andreas, McKenna, O’Conner. In fact a good place to start is the books I've recommended in my NLP book reviews.


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