NLP Milton Model - Presuppositions


Presuppositions are an extremely powerful hypnotic language tool within the milton model.

Presuppositions are basically assumptions within the statements of the hypnotist which will usually be acted upon or accepted by the client without question.

Presuppositions are usually used in groups as they are much more powerful stacked together.

This makes it far harder for the client to untangle them and realize what is going on.

The best way to learn them is to write out examples of each class. Eventually you will discover that you begin to use them automatically.

Subordinate Clauses of Time

Examples include before, after, while, during, prior, when.

Would you prefer to close your eyes while you relax - presupposes that the client will relax.

Before you relax could you take off your shoes - presupposes that the client will relax

As you continue to relax - assumes you are relaxing.


Or can be used to presuppose that one of a list of possible results will occur.

Do you want to relax in the chair or on the sofa - presupposes that whichever option is chosen, the client will relax.

Ordinal Numbers

Examples include first, second.

I don't know whether your eyes will close straight away or whether you will begin to relax first - presupposes that you will relax, and your eyes will close.

Awareness Predicates

Examples include notice, realize.

These words are used to direct awareness towards what the hypnotist wants the client to do.

You may become aware of your breathing.

I don't know whether you have noticed how heavy your eyes are becoming.

Adverbs and Adjectives

These are used to presuppose part of the sentence.

Have you noticed how easily you can relax - presupposes that you can relax.

I wonder how quickly you will drift into a trance - presuppose that you will drift into a trance.

Commentary Adjectives and Adverbs

These presuppose everything stated after them.

Luckily, I don't need to know exactly what changes you are making now.

Time Verbs and Adverbs

Examples include begin, end, still.

As you continue to relax - presuppose that you are relaxing.

I want you to begin to make changes - presupposes that you will make changes.