NLP Milton Model - Patterns for gathering Information


These milton model patterns are based around deleting information from your hypnotic communication so that the client is given no more information than is required. This allows them to fill in the blanks.

Usually these language patterns are used during a hypnosis session when the hypnotist is getting the client to think about their issue and come up with solutions without the hypnotist forcing the direction.


A Nominalization is simply a verb or adjective that has been turned into a noun.

Examples include learnings and difficulties.

The hypnotist uses words such as these so that the client will make exactly the interpretation required without the hypnotist actually knowing the specific details they are dealing with.

In a sense the nominalization is a hole in which the client can slot whatever is appropriate to them, which means that the hypnotist should never say anything that doesn't match the clients experience.

I know that you are currently having difficulties and that you are aware of the learnings you need to enable you to develop the resources required to reach the solution you want.

Unspecified Verb

Unspecified verbs are an NLP milton model pattern that works in a similar way to nominalizations. As before, the client provides the missing information to reach the conclusion that is appropriate to them.

Sometimes its really easy to learn - In this sentence, the hypnotist is not specifying what is being learnt, allowing the client to choose whatever the sentence means to them. In this case the client may be remembering a specific learning experience that was easy, but of course the hypnotist does not need to know what this is.

Unspecified Referential Index

In this case, the missing element is the noun. This is often used to get the client to unconsciously take a statement as referring to them, but without the client actually saying so.

Some People find it easy to drop into a trance - doesn't define the people, but unconsciously the client will take the meaning as referring to them.

This is also used for leading as the hypnotist can refer to events that the client can confirm without knowing what they are.

As you sit there, you may become aware of a particular feeling.

In this example the word 'particular' is used in place of a specific feeling.


The deletion occurs when the object of the sentence is missing. As before, this allows the client to fill in the blanks.

I know that you are wondering - wondering what? The client will have to fill in their own details